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Coleman - The Outdoor Company
Coleman - The Outdoor Company
The American company Coleman develops products for people who like to spend their free time outdoors. They create everything from high-quality tents to tables, chairs and air mattresses. With a commitment to quality, Coleman has been making camping holidays memorable for over 100 years.


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Coleman camping equipment

American camping equipment manufacturer Coleman has everything you need to make your next camping experience one to remember. From tents, tables, chairs and air mattresses to camping stoves, lanterns and head torches, by choosing Coleman camping equipment, you can create a campsite where you will feel right at home. On the website, we stock everything you could possibly need at affordable prices, so you can make your campsite feel like home, whether you are heading out with the family, going on a solo expedition or even going to a festival. Order online today and start planning your next trip!

Coleman camping equipment

Coleman – an outdoor company

Coleman was established by William Coffin Coleman in the early 20th century. The brand’s flagship store started by selling gasoline powered bulbs that were very high quality. Their products were not only used by civilians, but by the US army as well.

William Coffin Colman suffered from very poor eyesight. He spotted a new kind of lamplight in the window of a local pharmacy that burned evenly with a steady bright flame. Lamps at that time burned kerosene and produced a flickering, smoky light. He became interested in this new light he saw, that enabled him to read even small print. Based on this light and Coleman’s vision, the Coleman company came to fruition, first manufacturing these specific lights that would be used on cattle farms and ranches, and eventually that would find their way into the world of outdoor and leisure sports, such as hiking, camping and climbing.

Over the years, Coleman has expanded its company from small manufacturer of outdoor camping lightning and camping stoves, to one of the most famous brands of hiking and camping equipment. The company’s technologies make sure their customers are prepared for whatever kind of adventure they are embarking on, with some essential camping gear that is suited to seasoned outdoor lovers or complete novices. Coleman prides itself on offering the best possible products, utilising the latest technologies and innovations to take your camping to the next level.

Coleman- everything you need for hiking and the great outdoors

On the website you will find a wide selection of Coleman popular camping equipment and practical essentials for people who love the outdoor life. Coleman’s products are designed to withstand even the most challenging of conditions and environments. Variable weather can pose particularly high demands on hiking products when used by hikers of all different levels. With Coleman products you do not need to be afraid of your equipment letting you down.

Discover Coleman camping equipment and make your upcoming hiking or outdoor trip an adventure for the right reasons by taking with you all the accessories you need. The range includes Coleman's well-known lighting for every suitable situation, such as different lanterns and headlamps. Cook a delicious meal on the brand’s high quality camping stoves and stay warm thanks to Coleman’s extensive collection of tents, sleeping bags and inflatable mattresses.