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LEGO wear Lwalex 309 Trunks Kids bright blue
LEGO wear Lwalex 309 Trunks Kids bright blue bright blue
LEGO wear
Lwalex 309 Trunks Kids bright blue
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arena Square Cut Drag Suit Shorts black
arena Square Cut Drag Suit Shorts black black
Square Cut Drag Suit Shorts black
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What you should Know about Board Shorts?

Undergarments are essential when wearing regular pants, but how about swimsuits? Board shorts are forms of casual wear/swimwear that are quick-drying and made from nylon or polyester material. Initially known as surf trunks, they have evolved in the past 50 years into contemporary designs. Although they are popular beachwear, consumer acceptance depends on the competing brands portraying themselves as authentic because of their historical background in surfing and technical authority. These brands may include Nike Swim, speedos and more. Keep reading for more insight into board shorts.

Board shorts

Should I wear Swim shorts with underwear?

Some board shorts, speedos are available with in-built liners that offer a snug fit; thus, you don’t have to clad your underwear. The point of wearing briefs/boxers with your swim trunks is to get additional support; however, they will be visible under skimpy Speedo briefs and imprint on skintight shorts.

Other board shorts have no liners, but more affordable options have polyester or mesh lining like those found in the conventional swim attire.

Boxers and briefs are not made for utility within the swimming pool; thus, they will take longer to dry than our compression shorts made to wick moisture away. Addnature surfing shorts are tested against salt and chemicals to ensure color vibrancy even after swimming.

What to wear under speedos?

Although most folks wear nothing under their boardies, it’s not prudent, especially if you are planning to swim for extended periods. Rashes are bound to occur since the wet fabric consistently rubs on your skin. Wearing underwear under the shorts reduces your mobility, and your skin becomes more susceptible to infection.

Going bare with your board trunks is perfect for short pool sessions, but ensure you wear top-of-the-line stretch swim trunks available at Addnature.

The ideal undergarments to wear with swim shorts that meet comfort and performance needs are the board shorts compression shorts liners. They are amphibious and have a specialized ultra-soft 4-way stretch for a functional motion-range. They also maximize muscle performance and support more extended swimming periods.

Why should you wear board shorts?

They are made to offer total control of your movement, thanks to their flexible fabrics such as polyester, nylon, spandex, or cotton.

When surfing, you are exposed to the sun, especially during overcast days. It’s crucial to have adequate protection, and our board trunks are available with high ratings in UPF protection.

Unlike other swimwear options, our shorts possess the most extensive lengths to cover your skin from the adversities of the surfboard. These board shorts have inseams of about twenty-two inches that fall below your knees.

The shorts have a unique style that renders them more adaptable to both land- and water-based activities. They are also available in a myriad of patterns, colors as well as prints to select from.

Summing It Up

Board shorts have evolved in terms of materials and style to suit various outdoor activities. It’s imperative to wear comfortable shorts that enable easy mobility. Hybrid surf shorts are ideal during physical activities such as Crossfit and volleyball. Regardless of what you are searching for, we’ve something for you!