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Padded synthetic fibre vests: warmth and freedom of movement
Worn over a long shirt, these padded vests are great for keeping your upper body warm. Another great advantage of a sleeveless jacket is that it won't constrict your arms; if you wear one while climbing, paddling or even trail running, you'll enjoy full freedom of movement. Synthetic fibre waistcoats in particular are an ideal choice for these sports, as they're robust and breathable, keep the body warm even when wet and dry quickly. Outdoor waistcoats often have a higher collar to protect the neck from the cold. A synthetic fibre waistcoat should have several pockets for your keys, mobile phone, energy bars or whatever small items you need for your activity.

Synthetic Vests

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Rab Xenair Vest Women deep ink
Rab Xenair Vest Women deep ink deep ink
Xenair Vest Women deep ink
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Synthetic Vests

When the autumn cold creeps in,and you need to go outside to face the elements, synthetic fibre vests offer the much-needed warmth. Functional and stylish, Patagonia synthetic insulated vests are an excellent choice. Let us look at how they live up to the hype.

Patagonia synthetic fibre vests are ideal for both casual and active use. Their minimalist styling and enhanced comfort look presentable indoors and outdoors. You can pair them with every outfit if you choose suitable matching colours.

Assured Comfort

In terms of comfort, the synthetic insulated vests have a lightly waterproof outer nylon layer. The middle insulation layer is made from warm cotton and other synthetic materials. In addition, the inside layer is a comfortable material that also keeps you warm. Note that these vests are made of 87% recycled materials. Patagonia gathers and uses old fishing nets to reduce ocean pollution.

Unmatched Versatility

Patagonia vests will complement all of your outfits. They come with two useful hand-warming pockets and a zipped vertical breast one. You can wear one to the office and head outdoors without anyone noticing the change.

Premium Quality Vests

Patagonia took time to design their insulated vests, making them high-quality and well-thought-out wardrobe additions. For example, the stitching on these synthetic fibre vests is top-notch. The collar’s stacked seam prevents the vest from moving for added comfort.

An elastic drawstring on the waistline prevents cold air from hitting your torso. Additionally, it helps keep the vest comfortably snug. You’ll also find a loop to attach a carabiner, useful when you spend a lot of time outdoors. Furthermore, the vests are lightweight yet considerably warm, not taking up too much space but serving their purpose well.

Guaranteed Warmth

The Patagonia synthetic fibre vest makes for an excellent layering garment. You can use it to stay warm in relatively cold weather. Additionally, it can be part of your outfit in freezing weather. The middle layer contains a high-end 800-fill-power goose down for that cosy feel. The outer can prevent water from a light shower from seeping through. Additionally, the vest prevents even strong winds from affecting you.

When you need a vest for the cold weather, you don't have to look any further than these synthetic insulated vests. You’ll remain stylish and warm and also enjoy their durability. Addnature has some excellent vests from Patagonia and other leading brands that will serve you well.