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Down Waistcoats: Cosy warm & super light
In this category, you’ll find our down waistcoats and padded waistcoats. Down waistcoats are mainly filled with fluffy down but also contain feathers. High-quality down filling shouldn't contain less than 80% down. What should also be taken into account is the fill power, which is given in cuin. The higher this value (minimum 550 cuin), the more filling material contained in the chambers. Down waistcoats keep you very warm, are very light and can be compressed very small. They show their weakness in wet conditions; when they lose their bulk and insulating capacity. This, in turn, is the strength of padded waistcoats (synthetic fibre waistcoats). The latest synthetic waistcoats feel like down and retain shape and insulating properties even when it's damp and wet outside.

Down Vests

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