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Rumpl — Hiking and Camping Products at their Best

Rumpl is a brand that focuses on designing high-quality hiking and camping products. It was founded in 2013 by a team of designers who love the outdoors. The story started in a van when the founders went on a surf and ski trip through California and had car problems.

Get Rumpl travel blankets at Addnature

After being unable to start their van and walking for hours, they noticed how much better the materials of their sleeping bags felt. This inspired Wylie Robinson, the co-founder and current CEO, to create a sleeping bag blanket which was the idea behind Rumpl. Since then, they have created many products, ranging from puffy blankets to stuffable pillows.

At Addnature, we have numerous Rumpl products in different colours, styles and designs that can be the perfect choice for your next outdoor activity.

Rumple Blankets Made From The Finest Materials

Camping outdoors with friends and family should be fun, without any worries. This is where Rumpl products come into play. With our Rumpl sleeping blankets made from 100% recycled 30D ripstop polyester fabric, you can sleep comfortably even when outdoors. The materials used for these products makes them feel incredibly soft against the skin.

We also have a good selection of Rumpl puffer blankets, which are premium, travel-ready blankets made from stain and odour-repellant materials. They come in different sizes and give you that cosy comfort. If you are hiking or camping as a couple, you can go for the Rumpl puffer blanket for 2 people. You can select from different prints and designs, such as ombre plaid, dots and daisies, and cascade fade.

Apart from having a wide range of Rumpl blankets, we also have different travel cushions from the same brand. A good travel pillow can provide support for your neck and body, making them essential for long trips. They can help you sleep better in a relaxed position, so your body will not feel as cramped after the trip.

You can choose our Rumpl stuffable pillowcase, which is lightweight and easy to pack. Just stuff a hoodie or jacket in the case and you have an instant pillow! You can use this alongside one of our Rumpl travel blankets and enjoy a comfortable sleep while camping.

High-Quality Camping Accessories

Not only do we have the best Rumpl blankets for travel, but we also have some highly functional camping accessories. If you enjoy drinking beer while camping out, you will find our Rumpl beer blanket useful. It will help keep your hand warm while also ensuring that your drink is cold. At Addnature, we also have printed puffy blankets for kids.

We have made it easy for you to select your preferred Rumpl product in our store. You will be able to filter between travelling products and hiking and camping products. Besides that, you can also choose your preferred colour from the filter section or tick the Children box to display Rumpl products for children only.

Our Rumpl blankets and accessories are made from high-quality materials, such as ripstop polyester fabric. These are 100% post-consumer recycled materials. In addition, with Rumpl products, you will not need to worry too much about extreme weather conditions when camping, travelling or hiking. Why not check out our collection of Rumple puffer blankets and products today?