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Ivanhoe of Sweden

Ivanhoe of Sweden was founded in 1946. The original brand was created in order to bring knitted clothing into women's fashion and was actually called, Gallstad Ylle. However, over time, the aim of the brand changed, and it soon began to focus on sportswear for everyone. It was then that the brand changed its name to the modern-day, Ivanhoe of Sweden.

Ivanhoe of Sweden Logo

Despite this change, the company still retains some of its early elements, and that includes the ski sweater, something that was hugely popular in the 1970s. With this in mind, the company still uses wool in its clothing for a number of reasons. These include the fact that it's natural, it keeps the wearer warm even if it gets wet as well as the fact that it is breathable.

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Wrapping up Outdoors

Ivanhoe of Sweden jackets are one of their most exciting products. They offer a whole range of different jackets in beautiful, muted hues including blue, black and grey. Better still, these jackets come in a range of styles and options for both men and women.

Men's jackets are available in both half and full zip versions. Made out of 100% merino wool, these jackets keep you feeling warm and cosy. They also offer an adjustable fit thanks to the drawstring at the bottom.

There is a large selection of women's jackets too. While some are also made from mulesing-free 100% merino wool, others are available as wool blends. There are a number of different patterns too, including stunning Scandinavian snowflake patterns for a chic touch.

The brand also has a range of pullover jackets, as well as some sleeveless vests offering more flexibility and a slightly more casual vibe.

Layering up

While the jackets from Ivanhoe of Sweden do provide a lot of warmth, there's also the option to layer up underneath them to keep extra warm. The brand has a range of different shirts, both long and short-sleeved, that can fit under the jacket for additional warmth.

For some added accessories, the brand has a whole selection of wool undergarments too. These are also available as long and short-sleeved tops. It's also possible to grab some wool long johns to keep your legs warm as well.

From top to bottom

This brand makes sure that your head is protected from the elements too. After all, a lot of heat is lost through your head. Ivanhoe of Sweden headgear takes this into consideration and offers a whole range of options. The most popular of these is the beanie style hat, which comes in a range of different styles, wools and colours.

Opt for a thicker ribbed wool version for a chic look. Alternatively, there are thinner, underwool hat options that can be fitted under a hood too. If a hat is too much, then there are a number of wide, wool headbands that can be used to cover the ears where a full hat is unnecessary.