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The Swedish-based brand, Pinewood, has been around since the early 1990s. It specialises in functional and durable outdoor clothing that you can wear for various activities. Aimed at the more average person, it doesn't focus on specific sports. Instead, it offers great clothes at reasonable prices.

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Pinewood clothes are designed to keep you warm and dry, a necessity when hiking or running outdoors. Here at Addnature, we have a great Pinewood collection to meet all your outdoor activity needs.

Keeping the bottom half covered

Whether you are an adult or a child, there is a pair of Pinewood hiking trousers just for you. Their outdoor trousers are made from durable, soft-shell fabrics meaning they can handle all types of weather.

Pinewood trousers feature robust four-way stretch material specifically on the knees and seat so that you can enjoy complete flexibility and mobility when out walking. Indeed, their trousers are durable and breathable, which is great when taking part in more active sports.

Not only that, but their trousers are also windproof so that you can stay warm even when it is cooler. Offering a simple straight leg look, these trousers will fit anyone. Also, they come in a range of different sizes and colours so that you can find one to suit the rest of your outfit.

The brand also has a range of shorts for the warmer months when walking outdoors.

Wrapping up

Pinewood also produces a range of top quality clothes for the top half. For starters, you can enjoy Pinewood midlayers, which are available in both long and short-sleeved styles.

For men, there is also a range of different long-sleeved shirts that can be used to layer up. Better still, you can wear a Pinewood soft fleece jumper over the top to keep in that extra warmth. Or go one better with a soft knitted jumper that's the perfect addition to a shirt and jacket look.

Pinewood also offers a range of different options for women. Here at Addnature, we stock a wide selection ranging from t-shirts to long-sleeved tops and jumpers. The clothes are carefully designed too, matching your figure and giving you an elegant look even when you're outdoors.

Pinewood has a great selection of jackets too. You can choose from full-sleeved options with a pile fleece lining to keep you warm on cooler days. Alternatively, we stock some sleeveless puffer jacket styles that allow you to keep that arm range of movement when you need it.

Warm from top to toe

Pinewood also ensures that your head is warm and cosy, thanks to a wide range of headgear options. After all, you lose a large portion of body heat from your head. To that end, you can find a variety of warm hats, all made from soft, durable materials designed to last.

So, take a look at our Pinewood collection right here at Addnature. If you love going out in nature, this is the brand for you. Choose the perfect outdoor wear today and stay cosy all day long.