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Step Out in Style with Aclima at Addnature

Aclima is one of the notable outdoor clothing brands that specialise in designing comfortable, stylish and functional garments. Founded in 1939 and based in Norway, Aclima is a highly reputable brand. It specialises in top-notch clothing for the outdoors made from wool and wool blends.

Get Aclima clothes at Addnature

Here at Addnature, we stock a wide range of Aclima clothing, ranging from beanies to socks, Aclima baselayers, mid layers and jackets. All are available in different styles and colours.

Layering up

The secret to enjoying the outdoors is staying warm and comfortable no matter the weather. As outdoor clothing specialists, Aclima understand the importance of layers.


Starting with the basics, here at Addnature, we offer a small range of Aclima underwear. This includes the superior quality plain coloured Warmwool boxer shorts for men and women. For extra warmth, we also stock Aclima long shorts and long johns.

Base layers and midlayers

Aclima base layers are among the best outdoor base layers currently in the market. They are suitable for a variety of different outdoor activities as they are made from the best materials such as merino wool and cotton and are designed to feel comfortable on the skin.

If you enjoy jogging, try some of our Aclima running clothing range such as the LightWool T-shirt. We have several baselayer sets that fit like a second skin, helping to keep you comfortable during and after your outdoor workout.

For a comfortable mid-layer, try one of our Aclima woven wool shirts. They are available in different sizes and styles for men, women and children. Our range includes long and short-sleeves, crew neck, polo neck and grandad style, so you will find the right type that fits well.

Top layers

In extreme weather, you can put on our Aclima WoolFierce Hoodie made of thick wool to keep you protected from the cold as you enjoy your different outdoor activities. Pair it with a FierceWool jogger for complete functionality and to retain that stylish and functional look.

Other Outdoor Accessories

Apart from baselayers and underwear layers, we also stock a variety of other items from Aclima. To protect your hands, try our LightWool linear gloves. You will also find several Aclima headbands, balaclavas, beanies, running socks and other clothing items here at Addnature. These items will not only complement your style perfectly, but they are also highly functional for different outdoor activities. For instance, if you love hiking, using a linear glove can help protect your hands from extreme weather conditions and other situations that can cause injury.

At Addnature, we also stock neck warmers made from merino wool with synthetic wicking material. This can be a good clothing choice for you and your children as you go camping during the winter or other harsh weather conditions. Our Aclima products are neatly catalogued with filters available to help you find the exact item you need. In addition, they are available in a wide range of colours and sizes.

No matter the weather, at Addnature, we've got the Aclima clothing you need for your outdoor activities with friends and loved ones!