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Moon Boot

Moon Boot is an exciting brand that was first established in 1969. The brand was created by Giancarlo Zanatta who was inspired by watching the moon landing. This led him to create a range of moon boots. These all follow the style of the iconic footwear worn by astronauts.

 Moon Boot Logo

However, the Moon Boot brand takes things a little further. It mixes vibrant colours together, adding unique styles and features and, finally, creating a more gender-neutral shoe.

But what are moon boots used for? Take a look at our Addnature collection of Moon Boot footwear to see how you can wear these iconic shoes.

Staying warm

One of the best things about this brand is that there are moon boots for men and moon boots for women in an easy crossover. So, when to wear this iconic shoe?

The most famous shoe from this brand is the Icon. Perfect as winter boots, this boot comes in all the colours of the rainbow and is designed to protect you from the snow. Not only that, but the boot is fully waterproof, so it protects against the rain too. The brand uses rubberized nylon to ensure complete protection.

Go low or go high

Moon Boots also come in a range of ankle heights. Opt for the stylish Classic Low boot for something that can be worn around town. With its casual lower cut and dark range of colours, this doesn't look out of place in the mountains or the city.

If you're looking for more warmth for the full leg, then the Glance boots are a must. These are made from highly durable Cordura material, ensuring they offer long-lasting performance. The final height of the boot does depend on the foot size of the shoe, but this high cut helps to protect more of the leg than the regular moon boot.

Stylish daywear

Not only does Moon Boot create fully functional boots for the winter, but it also takes into consideration the latest fashion and trends. The Lab69 range does this in style and offers a distinctive version of current styles, all wrapped up in this chunky boot.

The Monaco boot, for instance, offers something that can be worn on the mountains. But, thanks to the soft faux fur wrapping around the top of the boot, it wouldn't look out of place on a catwalk either.

All boots come in a wide range of coloursm too. From simple colours like black and blue to the metallic platinum shine of the Glance boot, there's something for everyone.

Boots for kids

It's not just all about the adults, either. This brand has a range of different children's styles, too. For instance, the Sport WP is perfect for keeping your boy's feet warm while playing outside. It's got a high cut and easy slip-on fit so that the foot stays snug.

Kids' moon boots also come in a range of styles so that you can find the option that suits the weather very easily. As with the other Moon Boot styles, there is a huge range of colour options and sizes to be found here on Addnature.