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Camping is a hugely fun thing to do, but you do need to be prepared for whatever the weather throws at you. MSR, which stands for Mountain Safety Research, is a company that specialises in outdoor equipment. It began life in 1969 as a newsletter on mountain safety and grew after an engineer made a move to designing safe mountaineering equipment.

MSR Logo

Since then, the company has expanded, creating innovative products for outdoor use. The team, to this day, continues to revolutionise the industry by creating the most reliable, top-performing gear possible. It consists of people passionate about the outdoors, too, so they're able to use their own knowledge to inform their designs.

Sleeping outdoors

MSR Tents are arguably the equipment this company is most well-known for. They offer a wide array of tenting options, from 1 person tents to dome tents perfect for larger numbers. No matter which tent, though, these are all highly durable and made to withstand a lot.

For going at it alone, the Hubba NX Solo tent is a great option. It can be used in three different seasons, is lightweight and fits in a backpack-sized package. This tent uses StayDry technology in the door, as well as providing adjustable ventilation options. Not only that, but it's fast and easy to erect too, that anyone can handle it.

Staying together

For an MSR trail option, there are also a number of two or more person tents available. Like the single person options, these are designed to be lightweight too. They can withstand a lot from the elements, thanks to the high-strength nylon fabric they are made from.

This type of tent also offers a warm and dry place to hide during inclement weather. But they're also great in hot climates, thanks to the cross-ventilation system in place. With large side entrances, you've also got places to put your additional equipment so that the sleeping area can be kept free and uncluttered. Better still, the guy lines are reflective, so you won't be tripping over them in the dark.

Camping extras

MSR isn't just about somewhere to sleep, though. The company aims to make any camping trip easy. They offer a range of MSR winter gear options that include things like snow saws for really cold weather, as well as other snow tools and even snowshoes.

It's possible to take an easy kitchen with you too thanks to the camp kitchen equipment this brand provides. They offer a range of portable stoves, other cookware items and even water treatment devices. In short, they aim to make any outdoor trip as comfortable and easy as possible.

The brand rounds things off by taking into consideration global health issues, so they have chlorine maker options to turn any water drinkable. Need help physically too? Then they also have a range of items to help while you walk including hiking poles so that you're balanced at all times while carrying your camping equipment.

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