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Travel Bags & Trolleys

Getting out of the house and travelling with all your sporting equipment can be a bit of a hassle. And this is where travel bags become a necessity. From simple small bags for your toiletries to massive travel bags that can contain everything, there's something for everyone.

Get your next Travel Bag or Trolley online at Addnature

Here at Addnature, we have a great selection of travel bags for all your needs.

Carrying it all

Grabbing one of our large, durable duffle bags is a great way to start your travelling adventures. Available from a variety of different top-quality brands, these duffle bags make travelling and packing very easy. Not only are they all made from sturdy materials, but they have a range of other top features too, such as:

  • Outer pockets
  • Internal organisation
  • Shoulder strap for easier carrying
  • Handles
  • Zipped inner compartments
  • PU coating for water resistance

Travel duffle bags come in a range of different sizes and colours too. This means that you can get the one that suits your needs. Need to pack in rackets? Grab one of the largest duffle bags on our sites. Just need it for clothes and sportswear? Some of our medium bags will do the trick. Need to bring towels? There are mesh inners to keep damp items away from everything else.

If you're really packing heavy, then travel trolleys might be the way to go. You can find a range of sturdy trolleys with handles and wheels for you to use to attach your travel bags to. If your bags are too large or heavy, a travel trolley is an excellent option.

Smaller organisational bags

It can also be great to include organisers in your travel bags. By opting for smaller toiletry bags you can keep your essential items separate from your sportswear. Like the larger travel bags, these smaller options come in a range of different styles.

They offer a selection of compartments, use durable, waterproof material to prevent leakages, and can fold down into compact shapes. Better still, some of them have integrated hooks so that you can hang them up when you arrive at your destination allowing you even more ease of use.

Travel accessories

So, with your travel bags, it's time to make sure they are secure when actually in transit. We have a wide range of travel accessories available. For instance, you can get travel belts to wrap around your bag to prevent it from bursting open.

We also have fasteners available to keep zips closed — something that can be very useful with a duffle bag. We also have a range of travel locks designed to be easy to use yet hard to break. These locks can help to stop your zips from flying open when you're in mid-travel.

In short, here at Addnature, we have a great array of travel bags for you to choose from. Enjoy packing and unpacking with ease with our wide zip, top-open style duffle bags from a wide range of different brands. Carry your essentials easily in one place.