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Bouldering Gear for the Gym and Crag


Bouldering requires a minimal amount of gear compared to other styles of climbing. But that means the gear that you do use when bouldering is all the more essential. From crashpads for protection to chalk for sticking a hold, our wide selection of bouldering equipment here at has you covered.

What Do You Need for Bouldering?

Bouldering doesn’t require very much gear – unlike roped climbing, you don’t need a harness, anchors, or rope. But there are a few essential items that you should have for bouldering:

  • A crashpad protects you in case you fall while climbing unroped. If you’re climbing at a bouldering gym, the gym will have crashpads for you to fall onto. But if you head to the local crag, you’ll need to bring your own pad for protection.
  • Chalk helps your fingers grab onto rock or holds and prevents your hands from becoming sweaty or oily while climbing. While you could keep your chalk in a plastic bag at the base of the wall, most climbers opt for a chalk bag that allows them to bring chalk onto the climb.
  • Brushes are used for cleaning off rocks and holds while you climb. Along with chalk, brushing holds can make them easier for your hands to stick to.
  • Tape is helpful for getting an extra layer of stickiness on your fingers. It can also be used to cover up your knuckles, which is important since your hands take a beating when bouldering on rock.

Choosing a Crashpad

When it comes to choosing a crashpad, you have to balance protection and area against weight. If you’ll be carrying your crashpad miles to the local crag, a smaller and lighter crashpad will be much better than a heavy and more protective pad. On the other hand, if you can drive right up to the wall, you can bring a thicker pad that offers more support in case of a fall from high up.

Choosing a Chalk Bag

There are a huge variety of chalk bags for every need. Large bags that are designed to hold an entire bag of chalk are perfect for a full day of bouldering – you can leave them at the bottom of the wall and re-chalk your hands or refill a smaller chalk bag as needed. Smaller chalk bags that can be tied around your waist with a belt are perfect for re-chalking your hands as you climb. For these, consider whether you prefer having loose chalk in your bag or a chalk ball that prevents dust from flying everywhere.

Choosing Tape for Bouldering

The biggest difference among bouldering tape offerings is their width. When choosing the width of tape you need, remember that you can always rip tape in half or lay two strips next to each other.

Bouldering Gear at

You could go searching for the right bouldering gear for your needs at multiple climbing stores. Or you could make finding the perfect bouldering supplies easy by browsing our huge collection of crashpads, chalk bags, tape, and brushes here at