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Winter Sports

However you like to enjoy snow and ice, be it skiing, snowboarding or ice climbing, here at Addnature we've got you covered. We've collated the best gear for the most popular winter sports and brought them into one coherent space.

Get your winter gear at Addnature

Some of the sports that we stock clothing and accessories for include:

  • Skiing and Ski touring
  • Snowshoe hiking
  • Tour skating
  • Snowboarding
  • Ice climbing

Of course, this list isn't exhaustive, and any of the gear we sell from different makes can be used in a variety of snow or ice-based activities. Good safety equipment and clothing is incredibly versatile and totally necessary if you're going to take part in more extreme outdoor activities.

Skiing and snowboarding

Amongst the most popular snow sports are skiing and snowboarding, whether you're into long Alpine ski trips or backcountry skiing we've got all the best ski gear out there. Snowboarders and skiers alike will be amazed at our wide range of mountain clothing and smart accessories.

Ski clothing

From your hat right down to your warm fluffy socks, we all know it's important to choose your ski clothing carefully. The exact fit and features of good ski clothing sets it apart and ensure that you stay warm, dry and toasty whilst you're out on the slopes.


Many top brands such as Patagonia make some wonderful ski trousers and snowsuits. Patagonia ski trousers come in many designs and styles. Amongst their most popular styles are the Bib pants, favoured because of the removable suspender and full-coverage design.

Their snow pants are expertly built for your comfort and range of motion, combining the uphill performance of stretch fabric with all-weather, all-terrain protection out in the snow.

Other designers such as Marmot offer skiers and snowboarders high-performance snow pants in breathable and durable fabrics.

Here at Addnature, we ensure that we stock the best options in winter sports clothing. Meaning that all the clothes are made with intelligent fabrics that ensure you stay warm and dry whilst doing your favourite sports.


Ski jackets are another item where quality and design are essential to your enjoyment outdoors. Wearing an item that gradually gets soaked and lets icy water in is absolutely guaranteed to ruin your ski day.

Quicksilver ski jackets are a good example of when great designs meet optimal materials. Their snow jackets for men, women and children employ clever features such as taped seams and stretchy snow guards at the wrists. Their consistently high-quality fabrics ensure great breathability with guaranteed waterproofing — just what you need from a jacket.

Whether you're in the market for an insulated jacket or a lighter, rainproof jacket, here at Addnature we've got you covered.

Roxy ski clothes are another firm favourite, especially amongst female skiers and snowboarders. Their fresh, colourful clothing is as practical as it is stylish. They make a great range of ski clothing that ranges from full snowsuits to accessories like balaclavas and gloves.

Accessories and more

A great insulated pair of ski socks and some ski gloves will be your best friends out on the slopes. Gripping your metal ski poles in icy conditions would be near impossible without a nice pair of warm gloves. Choose from our epic selection of winter snow sports accessories to bag yourself the perfect pair.

Socks seem like an afterthought but in reality, a good pair of socks will be essential. They'll ensure a pleasant day skiing and happy feet all round.

Many of the socks we stock at Addnature have smart features like extra-strength cushioning in key locations. Some socks are silk and merino wool blend which ensures superior thermal insulation as well as rapid heat transport and moisture-wicking. Essential features when you're in the snow.

We also stock a brilliant selection of ski helmets and ski goggles which will form a key part of your kit. Other ski equipment like poles and back protectors can be found by browsing our extensive collection of gear.

Skiiing backpacks

Supremely useful for carrying essential items such as a first aid kit and lunch, a good skiing backpack will see you through your whole day out in the snow. Don't be caught out without water, ski goggles or your phone — the more prepared you are, the better time you'll have.

At Addnature we stock a huge variety of backpacks, large and small, to ensure that you're fully kitted out and ready for your powder pursuit.

Tour skating equipment

For every avid tour skater out there we offer a variety of poles, backpacks and accessories to accompany you along the way. Trekking baskets and spike pads are amongst a few of the pole attachments that will enhance the safety and enjoyment of your treks. Using these on your tour skating poles adds grip and stability in even the iciest of conditions.

Thumb straps and moulded gloves can help with your push, ensuring you don't get worn out or blistered hands. Tour skating backpacks come in a range of sizes and designs from a variety of makes. If you're planning a long session over a series of days you might be interested in one of the supportive 30-litre packs. If you're looking for a smaller, niftier bag then perhaps a lightweight backpack like the VAUDE trail spacer series will suit you.

And all the other winter sports

Whether you need a pair of snow shoes for a cross-country adventure or some lightweight avalanche gear, here at Addnature we've got something for you. Have a browse of the items and designers that we stock and find the ideal kit for your winter sport adventures.