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Climbing Ropes

Ropes are integral to the enjoyment and safety of the sport and form an essential part of every rope climber's kit. Here at Addnature, we have a selection of static, dynamic, half, twin and single ropes to accompany you on your adventures. We'll discuss briefly the different types of climbing and the ropes used for each.

 Climbing Ropes

Different ropes and their functions

Dynamic ropes are the most used as they have a good amount of give, meaning they're suitable for all climbing. Static ropes are suitable for abseiling and carrying loads. Dynamic ropes are designed to stretch to absorb the impact of a falling climber, so they are a safe option when climbing.

When choosing the right climbing rope you should also consider:

  • Whether you'll be using it for indoor gym climbing or outdoor climbing
  • Your level of experience. Thinner ropes are generally more difficult to handle and therefore suited to more seasoned climbers
  • Single or half rope. Single ropes are the most adaptable as they can be used indoor and outdoor. Half ropes are great for long, multi-pitch trad climbs.

Ropes selection and type of climbing

Most climbers buy single ropes as they're best suited to trad, sport and big wall climb. Black Diamond ropes are a great choice for dependable and durable ropes. Depending on which of their ropes you choose, they can cater for rock and ice missions as well as gym training. They employ double woven sheaths which ensure the ropes are suited to frequent use.

Dry-treated ropes are essential for ice and winter climbing ropes. They're dirt and water-resistant and have ultra-smooth surfaces for abrasion reduction.

Another favourite amongst climbers is Mammut ropes and Edelrid ropes as they offer some really lightweight ropes that are great for long climbs. Browse our selection of dry ropes to pick a rope suited to your climbs.

Other climbing accessories

Climbing is a sport where the kit is key. Ensure that you've got everything you need for your climbs by browsing Addnature's climbing categories. With a huge selection of climbing shoes, carabiners, slings, gloves, harnesses and other gear, you'll be kitted out and ready to go!

One of the first steps if you've never climbed before is figuring out whether you'll be mostly indoor or outdoor climbing. Besides this, there are many different types of climbing including:

  • Mountaineering (alpine climbing)
  • Trad Climbing
  • Sport Climbing
  • Bouldering
  • Top Rope Climbing
  • Free Solo Climbing

Much of this kit is transferable across disciplines. Starting out with some good shoes, gloves and a chalk bag is essential if you want to boulder. Indoor gyms are a wonderful place to try this out.

If you're rope climbing, more kit is required and that's why it's great to get some advice when buying ropes for the first time. If you're a seasoned trad or mountain climber you'll know exactly what you want, so having a wide selection is essential. That's why at Addnature we stock such a large collection of ropes and climbing accessories, so you can find the items that are perfect for you.