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Mosquito nets

No matter how annoying they are, mosquitoes are here to stay. So rather than slathering yourself in DDT, why not invest in a good mosquito net? Here at Addnature, we offer a wide range of mosquito nets to suit all needs, be it indoor or outdoor.

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When choosing a quality mosquito net, you will undoubtedly appreciate the following features:

  • Fine netting that restricts insect entry, yet does not limit proper ventilation
  • Lightweight
  • Straightforward to assemble
  • 100% polyester

What is mosquito netting?

Mosquito netting is a net that is built on a frame and hangs over the object it means to protect from mosquitoes. Any good mosquito netting needs to have netting fine enough to prevent mosquitoes from passing through. Also, the net has to close completely around the object it is protecting. Indeed, the 360º degree mosquito net from Addnature is a perfect example of an affordable and practical mosquito net. It is the ideal camping accessory for the solo camper. In fact, this same model is also available in a larger size, fitting up to 2 people.

Mosquito nets for tents

While most frequently used to cover beds, mosquito nets are also highly useful for campers. In short, they are a staple in any seasoned camper's travel bags. Campers and other nature enthusiasts spend a lot of time outdoors and Addnature offers a vast range of mosquito nets to suit all needs and budgets.

For those who enjoy sleeping under the stars, pop up dome mosquito nets may be the perfect solution. Comprising both a full-length mosquito net and mattress, it perfectly combines form and function for those who prefer sleeping al fresco. Therefore, campers can revel in the starry night without being annoyed by insects.

To avoid your kitchen tents or tunnel tents becoming a feeding ground, ensure that each of the tent's apertures has a mosquito net affixed to it. Also, if your party is looking to spend some time outdoors, the Lodge Terrazzo Mosquito Net is a convenient option to enjoy an outdoor meal without being bitten. These family tents are quite spacious at 3m high and 3m wide, and when packed up, weigh only 1.3 kilos. In addition, this mosquito net is big enough to house a table and a set of chairs. So, make sure you remember to pack your portable mosquito net alongside your other tent accessories including travel blankets to get a good night's sleep in the great outdoors.

Mosquito nets for windows

Mosquitos are not simply the scourge of campers, but also of those who live in warm, humid climates. Here mosquitoes can become a big problem in people's day-to-day life. Although mosquito nets that hang from ceilings are still useful in these scenarios, they often lose some of their practicality. People need to prevent mosquitoes from entering the house. Here is where mosquito nets for windows come in — and save the day. Having properly installed nets on windows means that mosquitoes and other flying insects will have to go elsewhere.