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Trekking & Outdoor Gear

Most outdoors activities require – or are seriously improved by – having the right equipment. Luckily, many well-known companies have specialised in outdoor sports and leisure equipment for decades and know exactly what’s important in such enterprises. For example, a lot of outdoor equipment is designed to withstand whatever the elements throw at them. Items are constructed from materials that protect you or essential kit from the wind and the rain. Whether it’s camping, trekking or mountaineering, the right equipment is ready and waiting for your next adventure.

Equipment for camping holidays

Over the past few years, camping holidays have become more popular again; as people seek out affordable adventures in the fresh air of the countryside – away from the constant distraction of their mobiles and everyday lives. With practical and high-quality camping equipment, a caravan or tent-based break offers a relaxing time spent with the whole family. Robust camping furniture and cooking/kitchen equipment are easy to clean and their mechanisms work well even after years of use.

Trekking and Outdoor

Trekking equipment for adventure tours

Pure adventure is possible with the right equipment. Stony paths and rocky trails are easy to master with first-class walking or trekking poles. For walks in secluded areas, easy-to-carry backpacks are recommended. Tatonka, Vaude and Salewa are just a few of the brands that produce high-quality trekking bags and other accessories for nature lovers. Last but not least, if you want to make sure you never get lost again, you’ll find a large selection of helpful navigation equipment and accessories in our online shop: including GPS devices, compasses and maps.

Serious kit for mountain sports and climbing tours

Extreme sportsmen and sportswomen need the very best equipment which offers them the highest levels of safety; their lives may depend on it! Products from sports specialists such as Edelrid and Mammut are ideal for climbing mountains and conquering slopes. With robust ropes, belts, carabiners, crampons and the correct footwear, climbers are prepared for most situations. Other important outdoor equipment also includes headlights, helmets and safety devices, so that unpredictable mountain sports and challenging climbs are as risk-free as possible.

Outdoor equipment for other activities

Trending sports such as slacklining, bouldering or trail running are particularly popular with young people currently. AustriAlpin and Gibbon are two lifestyle brands that offer equipment for these types of sports. The advantage of these brands and others like them lies primarily in the high quality of their products. Genuine athletes use only belts and other accessories from manufacturers whose good reputation is widely-known.