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No matter the weather, it's essential to make sure you protect your head when you're outside. This can be from the sun or from the cold. But, the type of headgear you need will also depend on the sport you're taking part in.

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With that in mind, here at Addnature, we've got just what you need. From winter running beanies through to hard helmets for snowboarding, we've got something that will help protect your head no matter what.

Protect yourself from the sun

Indeed, keeping the sun out of your eyes and off your head is a must if you work out in the summer months. You may not think it, but protecting yourself from UV radiation is paramount. This is where our caps come in handy.

We've got a wide selection of caps available to meet all your needs. Also, they are great for all seasons. Take a look at our collection of Black Diamond baseball caps to ensure the sun never hits you in the face.

Alternatively, browse our selection of Rab headbands that are the perfect option for the runners out there. Not only do they keep your hair out of your eyes, but their sweat-wicking properties ensure the sweat stays clear as well.

Keep the heat in

Staying warm is also very important when working out. And that's especially if you plan on engaging in winter sports or simply enjoy running outside even when it's cold. With this in mind, we've got a great selection of headgear designed to keep in that all-important heat.

So, take a look at our selection of Columbia caps. Available in a wide variety of styles, our cosy caps are perfect for keeping your head warm with their soft multilayer design. Better yet, they are stylish enough to wear out and about even when you're not working out.

It's not just important to keep your head warm, but other extremities too. We've got balaclavas for keeping your nose and mouth warm, especially during cold winter runs. Also, we offer a vast range of scarfs, gloves and kidney warmers to ensure you're cosy no matter when and how you're working out. Finally, we have an impressive collection of wool socks to keep your feet warm.

Safety outdoors

Finally, in this day and age, it's essential to protect yourself and others from airborne viruses. With that in mind, here at Addnature, we have a great selection of certified face masks. In fact, if you're playing community or team sports, staying safe is hugely important.

Our great selection of face masks are all breathable and offer high protection. This means that you can continue working out safely. In addition, we also have smog protection tubes and snoods to protect you from pollution, especially if you're working in the city. Better still, we have convenient belts where you can store all these items when you're out and about.

So, take a look at all the headgear options available here in our collection at Addnature.