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CamelBak make hands-free drinking systems which have proved hugely successful in the mountain biking scene. Their hydration backpacks, which feature an integrated support frame are popular with joggers, cyclists and mountaineers - and perfect for adverse and challenging circumstances where keeping your hands free is important. CamelBak has since expanded its product range and has introduced a range of well-designed, versatile bottles for sports and leisure in recent years.

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CamelBak Lifetime Warranty

CamelBak™ manufactures products that clearly exceed consumer expectations in terms of quality and durability. For this reason, the brand has offered its Got Your Bak™ Lifetime Guarantee since 2011. This applies to all CamelBak™ water bladders, backpacks, bottles and accessories – and includes all material and processing defects that may occur during the entire life of the product.


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Camelbak backpacks, hydration packs & water bottles

CamelBak is an industry leading player in the area of hands free drinking systems. The smart concept is very popular with mountain biking, lovers of outdoor leisure activities such as joggers, cyclists and mountaineers, because it makes it possible to hydrate during sports and training without needing to use your hands. A large number of runners and race cyclists at different levels use CamelBak’s superb products to enjoy the benefit of improved hydration during training, finding them to be particularly useful on challenging routes.

Camelbak hydration packs

Stay hydrated with CambelBak

CamelBak was established in 1988 by medical researcher Michael Eidson when he participated in a demanding bicycle ride in a hot Texas. He researched and developed a very easy way to add water to the body without using his hands, by placing a drop of water under his shirt. After that, the no hands hydration system developed a lot, but the smart basic concept is still the same: to get water into your body without needing to use your hands.

CamelBak has since expanded its product range and has been offering well-designed universal bottles for sports and leisure in recent year. In many demanding situations, CamelBak's products make an absolutely necessary difference: from coping with the challenge and focusing on what’s really important without being held back by your equipment. Dehydration is, in many circumstances, a very real threat that can seriously adversely affect performance as well as, in some cases, in the long run, even affect health if under very demanding conditions. An important component of CamelBak's philosophy is that rather than losing time on rest stops, you can have a supply of liquid without having to completely stop and lose time. Overall the competitive significance of this is clear.

Camelbak can work for you both physically and mentally

Camelback hydration packs and water bottles are perfect for helping you overcome adverse and challenging circumstances where keeping your hands free is important. Bringing a few extra litters of water to a race where there can be limited opportunities to get liquid, can make the difference, enabling you to perform better because you do not face fluid shortages, that can slow you down, especially in hot conditions. It frees you up to focus on addressing challenges and obstacles, prevalent in many endurance sports.

On the website, there are a number of Camelback products, that can be divided into the following categories.

  • Bags, available in a variety of backpacks and smaller bags, that allow you to carry liquid in containers of your desired size during a race or journey. They are available in models that have been adapted specifically for cycling or running
  • Bottles, which can be used in conjunction with special bags or otherwise completely separate in everyday life. There are also bottles that are designed specifically to be enjoyed by children
  • Accessories, such as containers that can be placed in bags, cleaning kits, special hoses for supply, etc.
Overall the product line offers a complete system than enables each individual customise it to fit to their needs and requirements.

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