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Bliz - More than just glasses
The Swedes behind Bliz design high-class sports glasses that offer maximum function, the latest technology and sleek style. If you’re looking for the perfect protection for all your outdoor adventures – (and at a more than fair price) Bliz has you covered.


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is a famous brand that creates and sells men's and women's ski goggles, sports glasses, and helmets. When experiencing the world of adventures, BLIZ ski goggles provide the finest protection. The brand offers a variety of goggles in various models and designs to fit various age groups and facial shapes. BLIZ is the market leader, promising beautiful designs, optimal functionality, and comfort to allow you to enjoy winter activities safely.

The brand offers numerous products. These include;

Bliz sunglasses

Polarized sunglasses by Bliz elevate eyewear to a new level. Appearance is no longer solely concerned with how you appear. What and how you perceive the world around you have shifted. Bliz Polarized Sunglasses are ideal to block the bothersome and dangerous sunlight reflecting from water, snow, and other sparkling surfaces. Moreover these are ideal for being on the water, driving, or participating in sports. All the bliz sunglasses have lenses of filter category 3.

Bliz ski goggles

The brands ski goggles deliver superior protection when you most need it. Bliz has a variety of goggle types to fit different ages and faces. So, with Bliz, you receive a sleek style, maximum utility, and maximum convenience, allowing you to feel safe and comfortable while focusing on your winter sports.

Bliz sports glasses

The brands safe sports gear, sculpted from Nordic rock and oak, reflects the finest of Scandinavian thinking and workmanship. Unrivaled durability, sleek design, and established quality. Built to resist the tough Nordic climate and ready for any task. Bliz provides maximum functionality and usage while keeping you safe and secure. For active members, designed by active people. Moreover, Bliz protective sports equipment is ideal for cyclists, runners, and skiers. It's for folks who have wind in their hair, grime on their face, and moisture in their eyes.

Bliz Helmets

The brands ski and cycling helmets are the greatest in terms of design, functionality, and safety. Moreover, to meet the norms and criteria for safety equipment, the helmets are rigorously tested and quality assured. Bliz's functional design and fantastic fit will offer a pleasant and secure experience while participating in sports that require extra protection. Also, the brand also offers a number of MIPS helmets.

Other products include;

Bliz has a large selection of high-quality replaceable lenses for various sports glasses. The brand glasses are created to make changing lenses for weather changes and light conditions simple. All of this is done to increase your flexibility when participating in various sports. So, choose your lens based on the weather conditions you will be exercising in.