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Going Outdoors? Basic Nature Will Kit You Out

You'll find outdoor gear and accessories in the Basic Nature range to make your adventure more convenient. Whatever your needs, Basic Nature will provide the gadgets to make things easier and more comfortable, so you can relax and enjoy yourself.

What Equipment is in the Basic Nature Range?

So you're packing for your weekend camping trip, but not sure what to bring? No worries, Basic Nature has got your back.

Need somewhere to sit? Basic Nature has got you covered with their foldaway steel stool. Its lightweight design and compact shape mean you can carry it anywhere and pop it out when needed — maybe for a spot of fishing or to sit around the campfire. Similarly, the standard travel chair folds away into a small bag and just takes a second to open.

Feeling tired after hiking all day? Hook up the Basic Nature pocket hammock for a well-deserved nap. It is super lightweight and folds away into a small pouch, so can be taken anywhere.

Or if you're going on a long car journey with the family, a neck cushion is a must for the kids. Simply place it around your child's neck and when they fall asleep their head will naturally recline on it, saving them from getting a crick in the neck.

Basic Nature clothing range also includes a traveller hat and legionnaire cap with neck protection. Both are perfect for protecting your head on those long hikes. On the other hand, in case of bad weather, Basic Nature has got you covered with their emergency poncho. Perfect for festival season.

Other useful gear in the Basic Nature range includes thermal cups, stainless steel lunch boxes, and mosquito nets. Basic Nature will help you to remember what gear you need to pick up for that outdoor adventure.

Check Out Basic Nature Climbing Gear

For the climbers out there, you'll be pleased to know that Basic Nature also has a range of climbing gear available. You can find two different types of carabiner, the S and the D, which both come in a variety of colours.

As well as that, the Basic Nature Pack System is ideal for climbers to put all their equipment in. It features a transparent front compartment, so you can easily see inside and grab what you need.

Finally, the Basic Nature Expanders are a must for all climbers, as you never know when you'll need extra bungee rope. Available in two colours, they provide great value for money.

Enjoy your adventure and let Basic Nature supply you with the climbing gear that you need.