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Arena swimwear online

Dive into the pool in style and comfort with’s range of Arena swimwear for men and women, including swimsuits, men’s shorts and trunks, swimming caps and more. Arena’s collection is designed to streamline the body and help improve your performance. Whether you are going for a leisurely dip or training for a competition, discover the latest styles that can help you reach your fitness goals.

Arena swimwear

Arena’s history in competitive swimwear

Established in 1973, Arena is one of the world’s best-known swimwear and water sports apparel brands. The brand was founded by Horst Dassler, the son of the Adidas founder. During the Munich Summer Games in 1972, he was inspired to start the Arena swimwear brand after witnessing the first athlete win 7 golds in one Olympiad, while setting new world records. Dassler could see an opening for a company that only focused on producing high-quality swimwear. One year later, Arena launched its first line of swimwear known as Skinfit, which was the first swimsuit to use ultra-light fabric and act as a streamlined second skin to the swimmer’s body. These designs were extremely successful, with Australian swimmer Shane Gould going on to win several Olympic medals wearing Arena swimwear. A sponsorship deal followed, and by 1976, the Arena Elite Team was competing at the Montreal Olympic Games. The team was made up of swimming greats including Mark Spitz, Steve Furniss, David Wilke and Maxine “Miki” King, Novella Calligaris, Shirley Babashoff, Gary Hall and Ulrika Knape. The Elite Team broke all the records, taking home 44 Olympic medals.

Arena continued to be worn by athletes as they smashed all the previous records. During the 1980s, Arena innovated the Flyback swimsuit, the first swimsuit with thin straps to give athletes more freedom of movement in the upper body. This style, although updated, is still in use by professional athletes today.

During the 1990s, Arena launched AquaRacer, which was designed to help swimmers glide through the water thanks to its non-friction smooth finish and fit, which allowed exceptional freedom of movement. The Elite Team, now updated with newer world-class members, continues to dominate the champions board.

Arena continues to produce some of the most technologically-advanced swimwear on the market. The Powerskin Xtreme and Powerskin Revolution paved the way for some of its latest models, the Powerskin ST and Powerskin Carbon-Pro, which weave carbonium fibre with textile to enable “smart compression”.

Discover Arena’s full range of swimwear and accessories

On the website, you can shop for Arena swimwear and accessories, available in a variety of different styles, including swimming trunks and shorts for men, one piece swimsuits, bikinis for women and swimwear for children. You can also find practical beach and swimming bath shoes, bathrobes and towels, goggles and swimming caps, as well as Arena’s selection of hard-wearing, waterproof sports bags, which are extremely useful for transporting your gear around. No matter what level of swimmer you are, you’ll find everything you need in this collection to inspire you to get into the water.