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Five Ten Freerider

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Five Ten Freerider

Since the dawn of time, Five Ten has been the gold standard in mountain bike footwear. The Freerider is undoubtedly one of the brand's most popular shoes. Its line-up has evolved over the years to include a variety of materials, styles, and sizes to accommodate almost all rider types and sizes.

On, you can choose from a large selection of Freerider shoes.

Five Ten Freerider MTB shoes

The Five Ten Freerider is the cheapest flat mountain bike shoe on the Freerider list, but that doesn't mean it's a low-quality shoe. They almost blur the line between casual and performance shoes with a skate style.

Having said that, we believe they are a good versatile option for riders who do not require the toughest soles or the highest performance. Some of the features that make the base Freerider less expensive may also make it a better mountain bike shoe for your particular needs.


The Five Ten Freeriders provide amazing stability when riding because of Stealth S1 rubber and tire designs. Moreover, the trapezoidal pattern's depressed areas interact with the pins on your pedals, creating an almost clipped-in feel. You can't rotate your feet once on the pedal because the grip is so strong.


The Five Ten Freeriders are undoubtedly comfortable mountain bike shoes. They are most effective on short to medium-length journeys. However, as you ride further, you will start feeling pressure on the bottoms of your feet. As a result, if you enjoy longer rides, you can choose mountain bike shoes with a bit of extra comfort and support.


Unsurprisingly, a shoe made for off-bike riding and leisure riding. The Freerider is a bit heavier than more powerful choices. In a men's size 9, each shoe weighs 14.75oz(0.56 kg). Weight differences are unlikely to affect purchasing decisions for the casual rider.


The durability of the Five Ten Freerider has received varying reviews from owners. Some claim that their Freeriders have not stood up to time, but the majority of owners are glad about their purchase. The durability comes from the structure. As Five Ten creates the Freerider utilizing as few parts as possible, reducing the possibility of delamination. The suede and mesh materials are also designed to be long-lasting and abrasion-resistant.


Given the overall performance features of the Five Ten Freerider, many riders may find these to be the ideal flat mountain bike shoes. Another advantage of the Five Ten Freerider is the wide range of colours and upper variations available, as well as additional Detachable straps and weather resistance features on some models.